Pictures and charts are in Ulla.

· 1. row: cast on 3 sts
· 2. : knit
· 3. : knit 1, increase 1, knit 1, increase 1, knit 1
· 4. : knit
· 5. : knit 1, increase 1, knit 3, increase 1, knit 1
· 6. : knit 3, purl 1, knit 3
· 7. :continue to knit forward from row 7 of chart 1 (kaavio 1) .

Work Cart 2 untill the shawl is big enough for you. (Designer has done 25 repeats).
Knit Chart 3 once.
Bind-off loosely.

.= knit on RS, knit on WS
blank square=knit
0= Yo
/= K2tog
\= SKP
^= SK2togP
dark shaded = no stitch
Outlined squares= repeat area

You need app. 100g yarn (875yds)
gauge 22sts/30rows

Note: Charts are written (and readen) wrom right to left). There are only every right side rows in the charts (odd rows numbered beside the chart). Every second row (even rows, not written in charts): knit 3, purl until 3 stitches remaining, knit 3.

If you prefer written instructions, why don't you write the charts open? For excample Chart 1 (kaavio 1) row 11: k3, yo, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, skp, yo, k3. And row 1 in chart 3 (kaavio 3): k3, (yo, k2tog) 2 times, yo, * k1, (yo, skp) 2 times, k3, (2tog, yo) 2 times * repeat antil 9 stitches remaining, k1, (yo, skp) 2 times, yo, k3. I still recommen you to try and get familiar with the charts while they will give you a lots of new projects to do, and the most important: You will get a information of the pattern by one sight to the chart and you can see what kind of stitches there should be in the previous row on your needle while knitting (helpful for excample when you are unsure about the stitches that you should knit next).

Please, dont hestitate to ask if you have any problems!

NOTE!! I made some corrections to the symbols on 17th of September, 2008. Note also that there is a little mistake in the charts, I haven't mark the increased stitches into the first 5 rows at all. Those increasements are mentioned in the first written instructions. Those first 5 increasements should be as invisible as possible, an one good way to do it is knit on the both sides of stitch or do twisted yarnover or some third way that you might prefer.

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Knitting Morgana kirjoitti...

Lovely blog. Thank for the help in English. This makes it easier for many of us.

Hiroshige kirjoitti...

Hi, I'm knitting this beautiful shawl. Thank you for your traslation.
I'm spanish, can I traslate your "how to" to Spanish?

Arteeni kirjoitti...

Thank you Knitting Morgana and Hiroshige! Very nice that you like the shawl!

Hiroshige, could you email me at kadentaidot at gmail dot com, please.

Hiroshige kirjoitti...

You have a e-mail :-)

Debbie kirjoitti...

I want to make the shawl, but the pattern does not have the charts. How do I access them? Help.

Arteeni kirjoitti...

Hi Debbie, Link to charts and other pictures is below the picture. The original instuctions are published in Ulla (Finnish knitting magazine in the Net) and I didn't copy the charts from there... here is the link as well: http://www.ullaneule.net/0207/ohjeet_lehmus.html

Happy Knitting!

Femmy kirjoitti...


I love this shawl and have just started it. I have a question. I made chrat 1 and then made chart 2 So when I’ve finished the 11 rows of the second chart do I just go back to row one again? How do you make it get bigger? THe pattern says repeat chart 2 till it big enough but I don’t know how to repeat chart 2 and make it grow. Any help would be great



Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Lovely shawl but I'm so not good at reading knitting charts, even worse in Finnish, but when it says "toistettava alue", exactly what am I supposed to repeat?

Any help would be nice!


Arteeni kirjoitti...

Hi Beginner,
yes, "toistettava alue" means repeated are, so you really are supposed to repeat it :)

Don't hesitetate to ask if you have any other consernes on your mind.

luciernaga kirjoitti...

Hola muy lindo tu blog , ¿pero cual es el idioma?

Unknown kirjoitti...

Lähetin Ullan kautta kysymyksen Lehmus-ohjeesta. Jotenkin en saa kuviota toimimaan. Voitko auttaa, tarkempi kuvaus ongelmasta Ullan sähköpostissa.
Ihana kuvio, en haluaisi luovuttaa!

Marja Ruotsista

Arteeni kirjoitti...

Hei Marja,
vastailen, kunhan saan kysymyksesi :). Myös Ravelryn puolelta voi kysellä apua, siellä aika monet ovat neuloneet tuon huivin.

Hyvää keväänjatkoa!

Arteeni kirjoitti...

Hey luciernaga, el lenguaje es el finlandés (y un poco de Inglés)!!