Sateenkaari pesuhuoneessa

Tervehdys blogistania. Olemme vihdoin muuttaneet omaan kotiin. Se on ihana. Suihkussa käydessä pesuhuoneessa näkyy sateenkaari jos vain aurinko paistaa ulkona. Nettiyhteys puuttuu vielä, joten olen elellyt hiukan suppeammassa yhteisössä, mutta palaan kyllä takaisin joskus syksyn myötä.

Lehmus huivin ohje on julkaistu Ullassa. Alla siitä englannin kielinen versio.

Käsitöiden teko on ollut aika minimaalista. Joitakin kuvia olisi kyllä esiteltäväksi, mutta jääkööt ne myöhemmälle.

Liisalle suunnattoman paljon kiitoksia ihanasta arpavoitosta! Se on tullut kyllä perille, olen herkutellut ja hipelöinyt, mutta kuvaa en (vielä) ole ottanut. Kiitos kovasti!



Pictures and charts are in Ulla.

· 1. row: cast on 3 sts
· 2. : knit
· 3. : knit 1, increase 1, knit 1, increase 1, knit 1
· 4. : knit
· 5. : knit 1, increase 1, knit 3, increase 1, knit 1
· 6. : knit 3, purl 1, knit 3
· 7. :continue to knit forward from row 7 of chart 1 (kaavio 1) .

Work Cart 2 untill the shawl is big enough for you. (Designer has done 25 repeats).
Knit Chart 3 once.
Bind-off loosely.

.= knit on RS, knit on WS
blank square=knit
0= Yo
/= K2tog
\= SKP
^= SK2togP
dark shaded = no stitch
Outlined squares= repeat area

You need app. 100g yarn (875yds)
gauge 22sts/30rows

Note: Charts are written (and readen) wrom right to left). There are only every right side rows in the charts (odd rows numbered beside the chart). Every second row (even rows, not written in charts): knit 3, purl until 3 stitches remaining, knit 3.

If you prefer written instructions, why don't you write the charts open? For excample Chart 1 (kaavio 1) row 11: k3, yo, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, skp, yo, k3. And row 1 in chart 3 (kaavio 3): k3, (yo, k2tog) 2 times, yo, * k1, (yo, skp) 2 times, k3, (2tog, yo) 2 times * repeat antil 9 stitches remaining, k1, (yo, skp) 2 times, yo, k3. I still recommen you to try and get familiar with the charts while they will give you a lots of new projects to do, and the most important: You will get a information of the pattern by one sight to the chart and you can see what kind of stitches there should be in the previous row on your needle while knitting (helpful for excample when you are unsure about the stitches that you should knit next).

Please, dont hestitate to ask if you have any problems!

NOTE!! I made some corrections to the symbols on 17th of September, 2008. Note also that there is a little mistake in the charts, I haven't mark the increased stitches into the first 5 rows at all. Those increasements are mentioned in the first written instructions. Those first 5 increasements should be as invisible as possible, an one good way to do it is knit on the both sides of stitch or do twisted yarnover or some third way that you might prefer.